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Overhead Island Top Storage Cabinets:

Overhead Island Top Storage Cabinets

All OVERHEAD STORAGES : Supply and installation of Overhead Storage Units having Rigid Knock-down construction made out of GI sheets 1 MM thickness. Each Module to be of not more than 900MM(L) and not less tha 600MM(L). Each Module consists of 2 shelves making 3 Compartments of Equal dimensions. Doors to be provided of Swing Type mounted on Hinges (Hafele make), All Doors to be provided with See through glass of 5MM thickness (Non Toughned). Each Module to be provided with LHS shutter wto be towerbolt arrangement and RHS door to be with Cam Lock Handle shall Concealed Type.. Unit to be Mounted on Island Bench with the Help of GI Tube Sturcture which can withstand the load capacity of back to back O/H Storages. Complete furniture shall be powder coated with 60 to 70 microns layer.

Suitable for : School, Colleges & QC Lab

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